I started EXACTLY where you are.
Nobody would help me to learn these skills and secrets! 

And no one would hire me without experience.
Even when I begged to work for free just for the training! 

So Why Did I Create This One of a Kind,
 No B.S., Kick Butt Course?

Three reasons...

First, I wish there had been something like this when I started out. Even after I got my P.I. license the phone would ring almost everyday with people who wanted to be a Private Detective so badly that they were willing to work for free to learn the skills. This course gives you the skills you need to get started!
Second, I want to make a profit. Yes, I know I’m not supposed to say that, but it’s true. These skills took me years and years to learn and develop. Sharing this no risk, guaranteed course with you helps me make up for the lost time when I should have been making money instead of chasing my tail learning these carefully guarded secrets.
Third, I was an instructor at one of the first schools where you could earn a degree in Private Investigations. I was even awarded Instructor of the Quarter, which means a lot to me only because it was the students that determined who won the award.
So what was the problem there? The school was charging the students $6,500 per year for this two year program that was pretty unlikely to help the students land the jobs they wanted!

Here's What You'll Discover
 In This Astonishing Course...

  • The shocking "Detective Makers" secrets. Discover  THREE “backdoor” ways to get your foot into the door in this hard to break into business without a license!

  • How to get started with little or no money. How one tiny, little mailing (to just 35 potential clients) turned into hundreds and hundreds of dollars in business in just 21 days. And HUNDREDS of dollars more each and every month after that! While, this is just a fraction of what you can make each month, you can see how, if you have the skills, a small investment (less than $13 in postage!) can lead to plenty of paying cases. Want more work? You can always use that mailing again and again! This course gives you this Secret Marketing Letter and tells you who to send it to!

  • See why needing a friendly cop to feed you information is 100% bogus. (In fact you’ll learn why cops hire PI’s!)

  • The Legal Pitfall many “Find Unclaimed Funds” courses don’t tell you. Yes, it can get your butt sued or worse! (It’s a costly mistake most do-it-yourself novices make that cost them dearly.) It can get you BANNED from EVER getting your P.I. License! (Avoiding this mistake alone is worth the price of the course!)

  • The amazing "Lazy P.I.’s Shortcut" for getting a skip’s address from an agency that routinely turns down the request from laymen and P.I. wanna-be’s who are learning the out-of-date “secret” instead of the real way to get this information.

  • How to get “tuned-in” to what’s going on in the Private Detective Industry to stay on top of your game!

  • The first 2 things you must do when looking for a missing person. If you skip these steps it will cost you lots of time and plenty of money! If you DO these first two things you will frequently be rewarded with a lighting fast address for the skip - and the quick payday that comes with it! These two things are being followed by every P.I. and Bounty Hunter in the know. (And, no. This is not calling the Information Operator.)

  • The “Big Daddy” of Skiptracing Secrets. How to find the SSN of just about anyone! This is so easy it’s scary, once you know the secret!

  • How to get paid BEFORE you find the person you're looking for!

  • Where to advertise for maximum success (This is NOT about placing thousands of classified ads either. That's a crock. Discover the real secret.)

  • The "dirty little secret" that most Private Detectives do not want you to know.

  • How to create a Confidential Proprietary Database that gets you free publicity and wins you the paying clients you need. (This is one of the easiest, and super inexpensive, things you can do to set yourself apart from other P.I.’s). This secret alone is worth far more than the price of this course!

  • A very simple tactic that makes potential clients choose you rather than another P.I. This tactic turns leads into paying cases! (This secret can be explained in three short words.)

  • A quickie "*diots Guide" to using the Internet. (Don’t fall for those “investigative CD's” some fly-by-nights are selling! This course shows you how to find the CURRENT information you need FAST, RELIABLY and for FREE!)

  • How to tell in 30 seconds or less if a Social Security Number is valid or not. Don’t waste your time chasing a bogus number!

  • THREE sure fire pretexts that get you the information you need!

  •  How to cover your butt with a strong Investigative Contract. (You get the exact contract used in the real world!)

  • What to do if you have to go into a potentially dangerous situation and you don’t have any back-up to go in with you. This could easily save your life PLUS it gives you the confidence to do the job right!

These are the REAL-WORLD tricks and sources... NOT a collection of links and  websites!  This is a brand new spiral-bound course book and all three hard hitting audio CDs that teach you the skills you need to find people for clients who will pay BIG BUCKS for this ultra valuable service.

What Makes This Course So Unique?

  1. It was written by a working P.I.

    This is not some mail-order diploma mill. (Why take a course from the same place that offers to teach you Veterinary Medicine? - Do you really think you can become a Veterinarian through some mail order course?)

  2. This course will give you the skills to find people.

    You will learn the skills to find people for your clients (even those people who don’t want to be found.) - Heck, Those are the cases that pay the best!

  3. This course is results oriented.

    You don’t learn a bunch of theories and B.S., just the hard-hitting, real-life, PROVEN techniques that will help you find people fast! This is exactly how P.I.’s, Fugitive Recovery Agents and Repossession Agents do it time and time again for big bucks and you can absolutely do it to!

  4.  The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Missing Persons and Fugitives is...


An Unbelievable Value Even If This Information Was Available Elsewhere... Which It’s Not!

This course is jammed full of methods proven time and time again! You will be able to use these techniques within hours (not months) of receiving this course! This course can save you TEN YEARS or more!

I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I have paid over the years to learn and develop these tactics. I know I wasted THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS learning how to be tops in this field! But this taught me, nothing worthwhile comes without a price. I am convinced that this course is an insignificantly tiny investment to make for a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn a skill you can take anywhere in the U.S. and MAKE MONEY!

And, yes. You read that right... there are TOP SECRET methods in this course that I invented and only myself and the people who invest in this course even know exist! 

And you can have it shipped via United States Postal Service First Class Mail direct to you for only...

Well, just a second on that...

 Check this out...

Free Bonus #1

Bonus #1: Reports That Impress Clients and Get You Repeat Business -- Sold Separately for $19.99 yours FREE with this course!

Here you get nearly a dozen real reports from real case files! Writing the report after a case is complete is one of the hardest things for new Investigators. But with this set of reports to use as templates, all that has changed! These reports cover all of your most common needs including a Workers Compensation report, Domestics (including cheating heart and surveillance reports), Theft reports , a “Pervert” report (try to phrase this report properly without a professional template to guide you!), an Affidavit of Service of Process, a Crime Scene Report and more! Of course the names have been changed, but these reports read the same as they did when they went out to the clients. Use these reports as your guide and demonstrate your true professionalism to get more cases!

Free Bonus #2

Bonus #2: “Jump Start” Surveillance Audio CD -- Sold Separately for $29.99 yours FREE with this course!

This original hour long audio CD is an awesome combination of the essential things you must know before doing surveillance and the insider tricks that can mean the difference between success and failure! Learn the tactics and secrets taught in the surveillance classes for Police Detectives, S.W.A.T. Team Members and Federal Agents.

Free Bonus #3

Bonus #3: Cons, Scams and Flim-Flams Audio CD-- Sold Separately for $24.99 also yours FREE with this amazing course.

This original CD teaches you about some of the most common scams con men around the world are pulling everyday! Your clients will expect you to know this information and you get it straight in this CD designed to give you the knowledge that will protect and impress your clients!

Warning about online private investigator training.

Do Not Get Any P.I. Training Course That Does Not Meet These Three Criteria...
  1. The course must be created by a full time Private Investigator who actually makes a living as a Private Investigator.

    Many courses are designed by part-timers or amateurs. Even worse -- some courses are designed by “diploma mill” type schools who would offer to teach you anything if you sent them enough money! This course was created by professional, full time Private Investigator Larry Kaye, who gives you the knowledge necessary to succeed in this line of work. You get the skills not just some “certificate of completion”!

  2. The author of the course must have taught in the real world to real students.

    Watch out for courses made by people who never taught in a real classroom! Larry has taught this course information to real students (studying to become P.I.’s) in the real world so you know this course is easy to follow and easy to use. This is the information you need to make the big bucks as a Private Detective!

  3. The course must offer a rock solid money-back guarantee!

    I don’t know of any other course offering any kind of guarantee! Maybe they don’t trust the quality of their information. Maybe they just want to make a quick buck then leave you high and dry. I don’t know. What I do know is that with The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Missing Persons and Fugitives you get my exclusive “Stronger Than Pepper Spray Guarantee”! You get two full months to use this course. If for any reason, or no reason at all, you want a refund during those 2 months, just send back the CD's, you get a refund and you get to keep the book for your trouble. That's right. If you're not thrilled, you get your money back and get to keep the book. It's that simple. 

"Stronger Than Pepper Spray  Guarantee”

You are the sole judge and jury with this course, "The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Missing Persons and Fugitives". You are completely protected by my no hassle, no questions asked “Stronger Than Pepper Spray Guarantee”.You get a full 60 DAYS to use this course! If for any reason, or no reason at all, you want a refund during those two months, just send back the CDs, you get a full refund and you get to keep the book for your trouble. 

That's right. If you're not thrilled you get your money back and get to keep the book! It's that simple. It’s that straight forward. Despite the number of dirtballs out there for us to find, I believe that most people are honest and fair and won't take advantage of me and my offer. Plus, I know for a fact that this course works. There's no question about it. So why wouldn't I take all the risk?

100% Satisfation Guarantee

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"Excellent content. Well pleased"
- Oswald H.

"I have purchased 'low budget' P.I. courses. Your's is a first class course and well presented. Thanks."
- S.M., Chattanooga, TN

"There seems to be a glut these days of CD's and e-books that will allow you to find any info you want on anybody. This is not true and never will be. The tricks of the trade found in Larry's books are among the best I've ever seen."
- Jeffrey Penrod, Private Investigator, Mesa AZ